In the current climate many of our couples are aware of the excessively consumptive nature of weddings. 

We at the Manor became concerned very early about the amount of trash we were creating. Below are some of the polices we have put in place, and here is some advice for all couples on reducing their footprint. 

How we try to minimize the Manor's footprint.

  • Minimizing waste

    • Kegs vs Bottled beer. Less glass, better pictures. ​

    • Boxed Water, and water in drinks dispensers 

    • Recycling

    • Food Scraps get fed to the animals


  • Donating

    • We try and donate any left over food to those in the local community​

    • Flowers are taken to local hospitals and public spaces where they can cheer up the masses

    • Store and loan out decorations so couples purchase less and create less plastic waste

  • In the Manor

    • Large refillable vanity products​

    • LED Bulbs

    • Water Conservation

    • Split system HVAC and Nest Thermostat 

    • Natural Pest Control (where possible)

    • Organic Weedkillers

    • Our butterfly garden and insect boxes to encourage wildlife

  • Purchasing Policies

    • Compostable and recycled disposable products​

    • Low VOC paint

    • Annual Plants, suited to the environment

We are committed to reducing the amount of packaging we use by over 50% in the next 24 months.

We are investigating renewable energy alternatives, and are always open to suggestion on reducing our carbon footprint.

Rixey Manor

9155 pleasant hill drive


VA, 22737


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