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Multi-Cultural Weddings

At Rixey Manor, we take great pride in our tradition of hosting weddings that celebrate our clients' unique and diverse cultures. We understand the importance of cultural traditions, especially in Indian, Chinese and Jewish weddings, where vibrant colors and intricate rituals play a significant role. Our team of experts has extensive experience in bringing your vision to life, no matter how intimate or grand your celebration may be.

Planning a wedding requires paying attention to every detail while also honoring traditions. Our team works closely with either your family or wedding planner to customize every aspect of your celebration. We take care of everything from the decor that reflects your cultural identity to the exquisite cuisine that satisfies even the most discerning palates. Our expert recommendations on vendors can help you bring your vision to life, while you are also welcome to bring in your own team or favorites to help create your perfect day. Additionally, we specialize in blending traditions, combining the most meaningful aspects of our couple's heritage and culture in a way that truly reflects the uniqueness of their love story.

At Rixey Manor, we offer the perfect blend of elegance and comfort, seamlessly combining the charm of a historic estate with modern amenities. Our spacious grounds provide picturesque settings for traditional ceremonies, while our luxurious accommodations ensure that you and your guests feel pampered throughout the festivities.

Due to the complexities of weddings and their multiple days of celebrations, we have special guidelines for pricing your Rixey Manor wedding.

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