Planning something different?

We are always happy to talk about renting the Manor out for different events, photography sessions, and conferences. 

Our rates vary depending on the number of people, time of year, and what you have in mind, but here are some basics to get you started. 

  • DATES -We will book events held on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday up to a year before the proposed dates. 

  • DATES - We will book free weekends out to non-wedding events NO MORE than 6 months before the proposed date unless it is at the wedding weekend rate. 

  • PHOTOGRAPHY - we charge a minimum of $50 a hour to rent for photography. 

  • CHARITIES - we will in cases loan the Manor for a nominal fee to charities and organizations that we believe in. 

  • CONFERENCES - Rate start at $300 an hour, for up to 120 people. Day rates start at $1,500.

  • SHOWERS AND BIRTHDAYS - Rates start at $150 for a 4 hour minimum with under 60 people. 



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