Our wedding Policies​ at Rixey Manor

We are totally pet friendly. Thus far Couples have brought their dogs, cats and horses. We don't require they be caged, or on leashes. We do require sensible ownership (and possibly a pet sitter). For day only quests we do ask that they be kept downstairs in the Manor.

We are totally kid friendly. We have great recommendations for babysitters. There are many children that have pet their first horses or cows at Rixey Manor. 

We don't have strict end times for weddings - our packages are based on a number of hours - although we do have recommendations based on length of time between ceremony and last shuttle. 

If you are renting the whole place for the weekend we don't mind air mattresses, people sleeping on a sofa or even camping. 

The couple must be on the contract. We work for the couple, and while we respect and mediate family opinions our first responsibility is to the couple.  

Our contract is short and easy to understand, but the basic policies are nothing illegal, nothing dangerous and nothing too hard to clean up. 

We don't mind open flames or sparklers. 

We do mind silk rose petals outside. 

Rixey Manor

9155 pleasant hill drive


VA, 22737


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