The Team

Our Team is made up of a fantastic, and enthusiastic smiling faces! 

Our resident Wedding Manager, Coordinator and Officiant, Mary Sullivan, heads up the front of the house. She has been working in weddings for longer than she would like to put online, and loves helping every couple realize their dream weekend. As the wife of a Marine, she understands military weddings... as an officiant she can help you make a romantic commitment... and as a former wild child, she loves it when a couple has a unique vision that might be a bit more 'outside the box'. Prone to crying happy tears, there is no doubt how much love Mary puts into every wedding.

Grace Baker, our Property Manager, makes sure that the Venue itself is running as a well oiled machine. She has worked for the Manor for over 5 years, and in that times has helped coordinate food trucks, huge wedding decor installations, and wrangled a variety of animals (and we aren't just talking about the bartenders). There is no one who knows the inner workings of Rixey Manor better than Grace. 

The Bartending team have worked for the Manor since it opened. They are great bartenders, but even better tour guides, historians, and all around guest entertainers. We always say that Mary and Grace look after the Wedding Party, while the Bartenders help the Guests party. 

Who are we?

Isadora grew up on an historic farm just south of London in England. Her mother owned an event company, and they even held weddings at their home. At University, she was elected Social Secretary and planned fully catered black-tie events, often with jazz orchestras, themes and fairground rides. She worked briefly for the concierge company Quintessentially before deciding she needed to move on to warmer climates. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008, initially for 3 months, and ended up staying 7 years. 


While in Los Angeles, she managed actors and produced films. She loved juggling schedules and working her way around budgets and problems. But most importantly, while there she met and fell in love with Ben.


Ben moved to Los Angeles three days after Isadora but for very different reasons. A successful model in New York, Ben had always wanted to be an actor. After a career-changing accident in 2010, he found himself in need of something to keep his brain occupied. Luckily, a friend saw his potential and hired him to work as an assistant on a reality TV show. Ben typically went above and beyond what the job requires and very quickly scaled the ladder to Associate Producer. In that position he was responsible for helping shape the shows, interviewing the stars, and keeping people on track and on budget.


When a client took Isadora to North Carolina to shoot a movie, she fell in love with the southern food, hospitality and scenery. Upon her return to Los Angeles, and their subsequent engagement, she brought Ben along on an extended vacation to Virginia. Together they formed a plan... to build a venue that they would want to get married in, and make a change in their life. Create something filled with love, fun and a mutual trust between themselves and their clients. 

Less than a year later they found themselves living in a beautiful old and dilapidated house.

In January 2014 they moved into Rixey Manor, with no heating...they had to run the shower just to defrost the shampoo, but they had a vision and quickly went about realizing it. Deciding to mix modern amenities, with classic comfort and historic charm it took them a little over a year to build the custom ballroom and turn the Manor into what it is today (with full new heating and air of course). 

Their first wedding was held in April 2015, complete with  24 children and an Easter Egg hunt, quickly followed by their own nuptials in May 2015.