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Why every month is a good month to get married in Virginia - and how to pick the right month for you

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Congratulations on your engagement! After getting engaged, the first thing you need to do before anything else, except for telling your family, is to choose a date. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, it will be the first thing anyone asks you about your wedding, and secondly, you cannot move forward with planning until you have a date. As a venue, we are usually the first stop for our couples, and we advise them to pick a month or two instead of a specific date. This is because prices and availabilities can vary significantly from one month to another. While a caterer can book several jobs on the same day, a private venue, like ours, or a photographer can only do one wedding per weekend. If you want someone or somewhere specific, flexibility is key.

As we start planning, it might be overwhelming to choose a wedding date. However, every month in Virginia has its own beauty and charm, and depending on the atmosphere you want for your wedding, December, July, or October could be the perfect month for you. Let's explore each month and its unique features. Additionally, I have included a price guide at the end of each section to assist you in making your decision ($ - cheapest, $$ - moderate, $$$ - most expensive).

January - After Christmas and New Year's Eve, everyone is in a festive mood, ready to party, and has invested in great outfits. If you plan to get married on New Year’s Eve, like many celebrities, all your guests will be dressed in their black-tie best and ready to celebrate. However, make sure your venue is okay with all-night parties. The cost for this month is moderate ($$).

February is the month of love and romance, with Valentine's Day being the highlight. Most places go all out decorating to make even the most basic venue seem like Cupid's paradise. However, apart from Valentine's Day, February can be a pretty dull month with not much to look forward to. To brighten things up, plan your wedding towards the end of the month. Your guests will appreciate the chance to come out of hibernation and celebrate with you. $

March is the snowiest (meaning the coldest) month of the year in Virginia. While it may seem uninviting, planning a snow wedding is a great way to stand out. The pictures are stunning, and during the day, temperatures can be warm enough for a quick outdoor ceremony. To ensure comfort for guests, blankets, furs, and heaters are recommended and also make for great detail shots. Another advantage is that during these colder months, vendors such as venues and florists are often willing to negotiate prices and give you their full attention. $

In April, the blossoms are in full bloom, making it a beautiful time for a wedding. The weather is usually mild and pleasant, providing comfortable conditions for an outdoor ceremony. This is a popular month for weddings, so vendors may charge more, but it's worth it for the beautiful scenery. $$ May is a wonderful time to hold a wedding, as the days grow longer and warmer. It's usually not too hot or too cold, and everything is green from all the rain. Even if it does rain, it's usually a quick and dramatic thunderstorm, which can provide great entertainment for the wedding guests. May also offers fantastic sunsets and the chance for fun photos. $$$

June and September are the second most popular months to get married in Virginia. June is especially unique and beautiful due to the fireflies, which create a magical atmosphere that makes you feel like you're surrounded by stars. Both children and adults are endlessly fascinated by the show they put on. $$$

July offers the longest day of the year, and the summer solstice brings good luck. Weddings can start later and go on later without guests shivering in the cold. The dress code can also fit with the heat, allowing for a more relaxed and bohemian style. Alternatively, you can take inspiration from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for a truly romantic evening. Just make sure to have a ballroom with air conditioning to avoid getting too hot while dancing. $

August is considered the luckiest month for a wedding, according to many poems on the subject. It is also a practical choice for brides, as prices are cheaper and flowers are abundant. Guests with children also have the time to travel to a destination and truly turn it into a vacation. $

Finally, September sees the temperatures begin to cool, but demand for wedding dates remains high. As children go back to school, travel prices drop, which is a bonus for guests who are not tied to a school schedule. September is also one of the driest months, making an outdoor ceremony a popular choice. $$$ October is an extremely popular month in Virginia due to its beautiful and changing colors. If you plan to have an event during this month, it is recommended to plan early to ensure availability and avoid disappointment. The cost for events during October may be higher due to the high demand. $$$

November is also a great month for events. The days are still beautiful and the first weekend of the month is typically when the colors are at their most vivid. Thanksgiving is a time when families get together, so why not take advantage of the long weekend and add a ceremony to the festivities? This may also help you save some money, as your guests may be expecting to see you for a big meal anyway. $$$

December is a great time to have an event as well. Many venues will already be decorated for the holidays, so you may be able to forgo your décor budget entirely. It is also a great time to plan a honeymoon, as you may be able to take advantage of vacation days and the cold weather to escape and regroup after the big day. $$$

Finally, for those who are picking a date, keep in mind that the luckiest day of the week is actually Wednesday. This may also be a good day to consider if you are looking to save some money on your event.

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