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Real Rixey | Janice and The Morning of the Wedding

(The picture that inspired this sure to be spectacular NYE wedding)

It's the morning of Janice wedding, and since her ceremony is at 7 pm tonight we are in the rare position of being able to do a real time Real Rixey interview.

So, it's the morning of you wedding! How are feeling?



The anticipation, its been a build up for over a year. Its a combination of excitement and anxiety. I don't get to control everything, or control how it goes.

What is the thing you are finding hardest to let go over?

Tim hasn't met half my family yet, and I'm not sure how all the different family and family groups are going to get on. I hope everyone behaves.

What's the thing your most excited about?

Marrying Tim. Making it official.

How's Tim feeling?

Excited. And just as nervous as I am. He's ready to be done with wedding talk, for sure. And kind of sick of me asking questions.

What are you least looking forward to today?

The attention. Its the first time we are going to have a significant proportion of attention on us ever.

First thing your going to do when your done?

Eating fast food! I gave it up for the New Year last year, but that's more of a resolution ending vs a wedding thing. Read a book, every time I have sat down with free time, I remind myself to do wedding stuff. It will be ice to just sit down and read a book. Oh, and delete my pinterest account!

What made you pick a NYE wedding?

The pictures, of the last one!! (See the above picture) It was so beautiful on the rooftop, under the lights.

What would you have done differently?

Not procrastinated. Although thats really a life choice, and me as a person.

Whats the one thing you would never change?

Getting married at Rixey, and I'm not just saying that because you asked me. And the Groom and bridal party.

Anything else you think a bride should keep in mind on the morning of her wedding?

It's normal to have a 'I just want to get this done' feeling.

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