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Unveiling the Top 10 Wedding Trends Set to Take Over 2024 and 2025

and how Rixey Manor can help you include them in your celebration.

As we enter 2024, the world of weddings is evolving, embracing unique and personalized trends that redefine the traditional wedding ceremony concept. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most exciting wedding trends set to make waves this year, showcasing a celebration of love, individuality, and the spirit of the times.

1. Intimate Affairs: Small or No Wedding Parties

In 2024, the trend toward intimate celebrations is not only about the size of the wedding but also a shift in the dynamics of wedding parties. Many brides are steering away from the politics traditionally associated with choosing a bridal party. They're realizing that, at times, the role of leading a bridal party can become overwhelming, with more focus on looking after bridesmaids than receiving support themselves. The emphasis now is on creating a close-knit circle that truly understands and supports the couple, fostering a more genuine and meaningful connection.

2. Breaking Gender Norms: Mixed-Sex Wedding Parties

In tandem with the shift towards smaller wedding parties, the trend of mixed-sex wedding parties continues to gain momentum in 2024. Couples are redefining traditional gender roles within the wedding party, allowing for a more varied and inclusive approach. This evolution challenges the limitations of conventional norms and aligns with the desire for authenticity. In this more flexible landscape, wedding parties can vary in roles, where members stand, and the balance of representation on both sides, fostering an environment that reflects the couple's diverse relationships and friendships.

Note: Rixey Manor, a stalwart supporter of inclusive weddings of all kinds, provides a welcoming and accommodating space for couples to express their unique vision of love and commitment.

3. Inclusive Bridal Preparation: Unmasking, Relaxing, and Enjoying the Process

Another notable trend emerging in 2024 is the widening circle of those invited to join the bridal preparation. It's no longer limited strictly to the members of the wedding party. Instead, couples choose to surround themselves with friends who allow them to unmask, relax, and enjoy the pre-wedding process. This shift acknowledges that the moments leading up to the ceremony are not just about getting ready; they're an integral part of the celebration, filled with laughter, shared stories, and the warmth of close connections.

4. Farewell to Tradition: No More Cake Cutting

The classic cake-cutting ritual is taking a backseat in 2024 as couples explore alternative ways to satisfy their sweet tooth. However, it's worth noting that this departure from tradition is often a delicate balance. Many couples find themselves navigating the desire to incorporate cake cutting, which is a tradition some parents still hold dear. In response, we're seeing a resurgence of 80s and 90s cake trends or the choice of smaller cakes for a more private cutting ceremony. This compromise allows couples to honor tradition while still infusing a touch of nostalgia into their celebration.

5. Capturing Moments: Unique Forms of Photography

Wedding photography is evolving in 2024, offering more than traditional snapshots of the big day. Photographers are reveling in the newfound freedom to stretch their creative muscles. This shift allows for a deeper collaboration between photographers and couples, resulting in art beyond mere documentation—art that couples would proudly hang on their walls. The emphasis is on creating images that encapsulate the unique essence of the couple's love story, capturing not just the moments but the emotions and nuances that make each wedding a truly individual masterpiece.

Note: Rixey Manor, with its picturesque surroundings, and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains provides an ideal backdrop for you and your photographers to craft these unique and memorable moments.

Catering: Habanero Tex Mex and Grill

6. Street Food Extravaganza: Food Truck Weddings

Food trucks (or even food "stalls") are rolling onto the wedding scene in 2024, offering a casual and dynamic dining experience that goes beyond traditional catering. The rise of food truck weddings is not only a departure from the norm but also a practical choice. Traditional catering costs are on the rise, making food trucks an appealing and cost-effective alternative.

Note: Rixey Manor is known for embracing unique trends and specializes in creating memorable food truck wedding experiences so your wedding venue vibes reflect you as a couple.

7. Less is More: Minimal Signage

Modern weddings are moving away from excessive signage, opting for a cleaner and more sophisticated aesthetic. Couples are embracing a less-is-more approach, letting the venue and decor speak for itself, creating an elegant and timeless atmosphere.

8. Personal Touch: Making the Wedding Yours

Couples in 2024 are infusing their personalities into every aspect of their wedding, making it a true reflection of who they are. The trend goes beyond conforming to traditional norms merely because they fit within the "wedding box." There's a conscious effort to prioritize personal and meaningful elements. If it doesn't resonate with the couple on a deeper level, even if it technically fits within the conventional wedding framework, they are choosing to ignore it. This intentional curation results in celebrations that are not only visually stunning but also authentically represent the couple's unique journey and shared values.

Note: Rixey Manor's commitment to personalization aligns perfectly with this trend, providing you with a canvas to express your individuality.

9. Color Palette Trends: Green, White, and Black or Vibrant Colors

Two distinct color palettes will dominate weddings in 2024. The first embraces the classic elegance of green, white, and black, creating a timeless and sophisticated ambiance. On the flip side, couples opting for vibrant colors are making bold statements with their choices. Notably, two sub-trends have emerged within this vibrant spectrum. Some couples are diving into a "Barbie Core" aesthetic, incorporating bold fuchsia and shades of pink for a lively and energetic atmosphere. On the other hand, the "Cottagecore" trend continues to captivate hearts, with couples blending earthy tones and greens with serene blues, creating a charming and rustic feel that resonates with the romanticism of simpler times.

Note: Rixey Manor's diverse landscapes provide couples with the perfect backdrop for both classic and vibrant color palettes, typifying the beauty of the Virginian countryside.

10. Clear Tents

Clear tents have become a sought-after choice, offering unobstructed views that showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings. From starlit skies to scenic landscapes, these transparent structures create an immersive atmosphere, bringing the outdoors in while maintaining the comfort of shelter.

Note: Many places in Virginia will not rent tents in the height of summer. The team at Rixey Manor is always available to help you find the best date for your dream aesthetic.

Bonus - Wedding Dresses

As we step into 2024 and 2025, several noteworthy wedding dress trends are making waves. The convertible dress, which allows a seamless transition from ceremony to reception, gains popularity by removing the skirt instead of just adding a bustle. Off-the-shoulder styles are also on the rise, often embracing the two-in-one trend by featuring romantic sleeves for the ceremony, easily detachable for the later celebration. Lastly, a noticeable shift towards more romantic aesthetics emphasizes ruffles, floaty fabrics, and whimsical prints such as floral or polka dots. This evolving landscape in bridal fashion suggests a departure from traditional norms, as brides seek versatile, stylish, and charming options that reflect their unique personalities and celebrate the joyous occasion in a contemporary yet timeless manner.

As we delve into the exciting wedding trends 2024, it's evident that couples seek unique ways to express their love and individuality on their special day. From intimate affairs and mixed-sex wedding parties to street food extravaganzas and tech-infused celebrations, each trend reflects a desire for authenticity and a departure from traditional norms.

Rixey Manor (, a stalwart supporter of inclusive weddings of all kinds, provides a welcoming and accommodating space to express your unique vision of love and commitment. With picturesque landscapes, personalized food truck experiences, and a dedication to embracing technology, Rixey Manor is not just a venue; it's a canvas where you can weave together the timeless and the contemporary to create a wedding celebration that resonates with your individuality.

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