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'Real Rixey' - Gwen and why she chose to ditch the bridesmaids

What was one of the least traditional elements of you wedding?

"I made the decision not to have bridesmaids for my wedding".

What did people think of that?

"I did receive some minor backlash because I went against the norm. People were disappointed that I wasn’t going to have anyone stand up with me. I probably hurt some feelings by not asking people to be my bridesmaids and by not being very inclusive with the planning process. The term "bridezilla" emerged in our popular culture for a reason. I erred on the side people being upset that I did not ask them; rather than risk hurting feelings because I didn't like a friend's well-intentioned decision to help me. I also wanted to surprise my guests."

BTW does this sweet smile look like the face of a Bridezilla! I think the fact that Gwen wanted to spare her friends from and "bridal moments" just goes to show how far from a Bridezilla she is!

Who was your right hand person?

"My mom and I are very close, with similar tastes and style ideas. (My mom still picks out my clothes and I get compliments on them!) She was able to meet with my vendors while I went to work. She was very essential to my planning."

Did you still get to do the traditional bridal shower/party things?

Yes I still had the parties. :-)

What did you most gain from having no bridesmaids?

I gained serenity. I knew I would be a perfectionist and nitpicky about how I wanted the vision for my wedding. I did not want to obligate anyone to buy a specific style or color of dress that she would wear just once. I also did not have to worry about people not getting along. It can be very stressful if your friends like you, but aren’t predisposed to get along with each other.

What did you lose?

I would rather use the word “trade-off”. I traded serenity for the potential party that occurs when you have a bunch of girls hanging out getting their hair and makeup done.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely. For me, I would make this decision again!

Photo by Lieb Photographic

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