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'Real Rixey' - Rebekah and her off-day wedding

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

What decisions did you make that raised the most eyebrows?

- People were surprised that not only were we doing a morning wedding, it was on a Monday! I've been to Friday and even Thursday weddings, but even I had never heard of a Monday wedding before. Our date was just so important to us, we had to make it work!

Were people supportive? Or did you face backlash?

- Though surprised at first, our guests were actually super supportive! Honestly, pretty much everyone we expected to come was there. They say only about 80% of your guest list will be able to attend, and that was still true in our case. It actually worked out perfectly for one of my friends, because if it had been on a weekend she and her family would not have been able to attend due to work!

What did you gain most from doing your wedding on a Monday morning?

- I was so appreciative to have the whole weekend to finish up details and things on my to-do list. Friends and family slowly trickled in over the weekend, which gave it a nice, slow build to our actual wedding day. So everything was paced out really nicely! I would whole heartedly recommend the morning aspect of it as well. Yes, I did have to get up before6am in order to get ready on time, but our entire event was over by 2pm and we had the rest of the day to enjoy! We had the BEST time sitting down with you and Ben, drinking wine and chatting about everything from religion to Pixar. Our hearts were so full and at peace.

Did it have any helpful ripple effects? (Keeping guest lists low /breakfast instead of dinner)

- Choosing an off-day wedding definitely did help financially. Lots of little things came into play here: we had a smaller, more intimate event; doing a breakfast buffet instead of a more formal meal turned out to be a lot more affordable for us; and there was no need to have an open bar or DJ. What it came down to was just sweet simplicity!

Were there any negative repercussions?

- I can't think of a single one!

Would you change anything? Or recommend it to other brides?

- There's nothing I can think of that I would change! It all turned out better than we ever dreamed. I would certainly recommend other brides to entertain the idea of an off-day wedding, but I don't think it's right for everyone. For us, it fit the theme we were already wanting so everything fell into place very nicely. Monday morning may be a little extreme, but I would definitely encourage others to look into having a Friday wedding or a Saturday morning wedding! I think having it in the morning was my favorite thing about it. There's possibly nothing sweeter than getting married right at the start of the day and then getting to spend the rest of the day as a freshly wed husband and wife!

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