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The Kid Question

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Before everyone starts asking you when you're having children, you need to decide whether or not to invite little ones to your special day. There are three common options to consider:

Option 1: No Children Allowed

This is a straightforward option, and my favorite way to phrase it is "Those with children, please find childcare." This makes it clear that children are not invited to the wedding. Your own parents or other family members may complain about this decision because they want to include children in the celebration, but including children can add a lot of extra guests and mayhem to the event. If you have your own kids or a cute flower girl/ring bearer, you'll need to make special accommodations for them. Be aware that there may be one or two guests who won't come if they can't bring their children. You can address the invitation only to the adult members of the family and make it clear on your wedding website that it's a kid-free zone.

Pros: Keeps numbers under control, allows for a more adult atmosphere, better for photos.

Cons: Some guests may take it personally, you miss out on special moments with children.

Option 2: Some (Special) Children Allowed

This option is a bit more complicated. You'll need to set clear rules for who is allowed to bring their children, such as only blood relations or children over the age of 12. You'll also need to make it clear to your guests that the wedding is not kid-friendly, and that there won't be kids' meals or free-range children. This option can give parents an excuse to have a night off from parenting, and it may be helpful to suggest that they bring a babysitter with them. Address the invitation to those invited, and follow up with a phone call and specific instructions.

Pros: Stops some family arguments, allows you to celebrate with special children, and can result in cute pictures.

Cons: It requires reaching out to those with children who are invited directly and making the situation clear.

Option 3: More the Merrier!

This is a truly kid-friendly option that involves providing children's tables, activities, and food options at the buffet. This option can be more expensive, but it ensures that all parent guests feel valued and wanted. Address the invitation to The Blogs Family, and include children's activities on the invitation.

Pros: Children bring their own energy and comic take on the day, all parent guests feel valued and wanted.

Cons: The wedding may become more about the children than the couple, and it can be more expensive to provide treats, gifts, and entertainment.

Remember that the decision of whether or not to invite children to your wedding is entirely up to you. No matter which option you choose, your guests will understand and respect your decision. Finally, don't forget to capture some cute candid moments with the little ones on your special day!

Top photo by Leib Photographic and Bottom photo by Sarah Houston Photography

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