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The Manor

Welcome to Rixey Manor, a majestic and historic wedding venue built in 1801. Our one-of-a-kind property can be completely customized to make your wedding day uniquely yours. We offer the exclusive use of our entire property for your special day, including our private suites, offering all the modern comforts of home. Not to mention, if you have a furry friend, we are pet-friendly! Our unique space will make you and your guests feel like they’re home away from home, enjoying a charming house party with all the intimacy and warmth you could wish for. If Please click here if you want to see a video walkthrough of the Manor as a blank space, please click here

The History

Founded on 15,000 acres gifted to the Rixey's after the Revolutionary War, Rixey Manor was actually a pig farm (from its founding till the early 2000's), and we’re proud of this unique history. The current owner purchased it in 2014, and opened it as a wedding venue a year later. We understand the complexity and significance of our history, and while we honor those who built it, we can't rewrite it, so we strive to make the original owners roll over in their graves with how inclusive and welcoming our venue is today. We offer a safe and loving space for all couples to celebrate their special day, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

If you studied at The Marymount University, the name Rixey would be familiar. The cornerstone building of the campus is known as the Rixey House. Learn more about the distinguished Rixey founder here, and its easy to see where he got his inspiration from. 

If you are more into sport than Presidential doctors, Eppa Rixey, a baseball hall of famer was also born here in Culpeper!

The Suites

Our wedding venue offers four tastefully decorated suites, each with their own unique charm. Cozy up in one of our comfortable king-sized beds or indulge in a soak in one of our luxurious bath tubs. We also include a separate cottage with two additional bedrooms and a full kitchen. 

The Newlywed Suite is designed with your special day in mind. With fantastic lighting for hair and makeup, you'll step out and shine on your wedding day. The room is decorated with understated elegance and boasts a four poster bed and a 360 degree mirror. These features make it the ideal location to not only get ready, but also capture the perfect shots for your wedding album.

Simplicity and charm meet at our Blacksmith Cottage, set against a picturesque countryside backdrop. Its modern interior is nestled within a beautifully preserved historic building. Perfect for the other member of the couple to get ready, or as an extra space for a babysitter and younger guests. It has cornhole boards, full kitchen, and a picnic bench which can make a great beer pong table. 

Venue Walkthrough

Our Winter 2020 video walkthrough provides a detailed look into our stunning wedding venue. You’ll get a glimpse of the various spaces available at our venue and understand the flow of the space. We have ample room to accommodate your vision for the perfect wedding day. Book with us today to experience everything our venue has to offer.

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