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 less than 60 miles from Washington D.C, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Middleburg

Your Wedding Venue in Northern Virginia

Experience the beautiful fusion of cultures and traditions at our multicultural blended wedding venue near Washington D.C. Embrace diversity, celebrate love, and create unforgettable memories in a setting that honors the richness of multiculturalism.

"This is one of the most unique, gorgeous and personable venues you will ever come across! Rixey is an absolute gem in terms of the services they provide, freedoms they allow and sense of community." Michelle R (Washington D.C.)

Say 'I do' to Rixey Manor - the premier wedding venue that specializes in creating personalized and unforgettable experiences. We pride ourselves on happy clients who trust us to bring their vision to life. Let us make your wedding day the magical and meaningful celebration you've always dreamed of.


At our wedding venue, we understand that the day is all about you and your significant other. We want to make sure that your wedding is a reflection of your dreams and the love story that brought you together. Our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way to ensure that every detail of your special day is personalized to your wishes and needs.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, but please let us know if you ever feel like we have fallen short of that goal. We are here to learn, and constantly aim to gain more experience and understanding.

For more information about how we try to be inclusive to all please see 

"Rixey felt like home away from home for us and our guest that were able to stay with us for our wedding weekend on the property. Getting married here was unforgettable and Rixey Manor will forever have a special place in our heart!" Maria R


Celebrate the vibrant tapestry of love and tradition at our multicultural blended wedding venue near Washington D.C. Where cultures unite, diversity shines, and every love story is celebrated with joy and respect.

At Rixey Manor, we take great pride in our tradition of hosting weddings that celebrate our clients' unique and diverse cultures. We understand the importance of cultural traditions, especially in Indian, Chinese and Jewish weddings, where vibrant colors and intricate rituals play a significant role. Our team of experts has extensive experience in bringing your vision to life, no matter how intimate or grand your celebration may be.


Planning a wedding requires paying attention to every detail while also honoring traditions. Our team works closely with either your family or wedding planner to customize every aspect of your celebration. We take care of everything from the decor that reflects your cultural identity to the exquisite cuisine that satisfies even the most discerning palates. Our expert recommendations on vendors can help you bring your vision to life, while you are also welcome to bring in your own team or favorites to help create your perfect day. Additionally, we specialize in blending traditions, combining the most meaningful aspects of our couple's heritage and culture in a way that truly reflects the uniqueness of their love story.


Welcome to one of the world's most LGBTQ+ friendly venues, where love knows no boundaries and every couple is celebrated with pride. Join us in creating unforgettable memories in a space that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Our wedding venue prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive space for all couples, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. We understand the importance of embracing non-traditional families and will work with you to incorporate elements of both traditional and non-traditional weddings. If you're looking for a wedding venue that celebrates love in all its forms, look no further than us. We take the time to understand your unique experiences and family dynamics, so we can provide a customized wedding experience that maximizes joy and celebrates romance. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring that your wedding day is unforgettable.

"We really can't recommend them highly enough, especially as a queer, polyamorous couple having a jewish ceremony. If you're looking to have a personalized, homey feel for your big day and are considering Rixey Manor, book them ASAP!!" Maurissa W (Alexandria, VA)


Step into one of the world's most LGBTQ+ friendly venues, where love and equality reign supreme. With a proud tradition of honoring military unions and offering special discounts, we celebrate diversity and service with open arms, ensuring every love story is honored and cherished.

We are honored to host military weddings at our venue and have gained extensive expertise in the customs and traditions that are a vital part of these heartfelt celebrations. Our team is passionate about providing the best possible service, and we understand that flexibility is key when it comes to navigating military schedules. With the help of our virtual planning tools and expert advice, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be everything you ever dreamed of, and more.

To show our appreciation for the dedication and service provided by our military and first responders, Rixey Manor offers a 10% discount on our wedding venue services. Active and veteran military members, as well as first responders, are eligible for this discount. We are honored to serve those who serve our community and country.


Discover our historic wedding venue near DC, where timeless elegance meets accessibility for all. With inclusive spaces and accommodations, we welcome couples of every background to celebrate their love in a setting rich with history and charm

Step into history with modern accessibility at our 1801-built manor. While our roots may run deep, our commitment to inclusivity runs deeper. We've meticulously renovated our space, ensuring every corner welcomes guests of all abilities. From our ADA-accessible patio to our spacious ballroom and thoughtfully designed bathrooms, we've left no stone unturned. Even the historic charm of the groom's cottage downstairs is now fully accessible. Inside the manor, wide doorways and clear pathways ease navigation, while sturdy handrails accompany every step. We firmly believe that every guest, every couple, deserves the experience they envision, regardless of any challenges they may face.


However, we acknowledge that there's always room for improvement. We realize we have a way to go to be inclusive to all, so please let us know if you see a way we can enhance our accessibility further. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and accommodated.

who serve our community and country.

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